School Dare: The First Day is an animated film. It is the most watched episode of School Dare.


Chorion and 9 Story Entertainment started the production under the name "Skaterhood". The show was pitched to France 3, MTV3, TVE, Jetix, Nicktoons and Discovery Kids. After Chorion contacted Michael Wildshill to develop the series to television, Michael agreed and started to make a series. Jetix, MTV3 and Discovery Kids decided to delay their votes until the first episode aired.

The production started 25th of July, 2006, after Wildshill called off the producer deal with 9 Story due to scheduling issues and creative differences. Alliance Atlantis supposed to be distributor and co-producer, but due to financial problems and bankruptcy before first episode aired, AA only remained credited as one since they did distribution at the early stages. The distribution rights were then given to FremantleMedia, Canwest, Marathon Media Group, Cookie Jar and Classic Media. Cookie Jar, Canwest and Marathon Media decided to only distribute the first episode.

The first episode was previewed on Studio B Productions' website. Michael described the series being "mix of Totally Spies!-kind of style and S.H.I.E.L.D.-ish esponiage relationship with Spy Kids-ish storyline with a touch of "Mysticons" and Ghostbuster-ish comedy"

The series broadcasted in Nicktoons Network in Ferbuary 2nd, 2008 as a first-look premiere.


United States:


  • Tooncan Productions
  • Studio B Productions
  • Nerd Corps Entertainment
  • Heroic Film Company
  • Boulder Media Limited
  • Sardine Productions

Overseas animation:
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Asia & Australia:

  • Hanho Henug-Up
  • Toon City Animation (Ink & Paint, Camera and Layout services)
  • Hong Ying Animation
  • Dong Woo Animation
  • Sunwoo Entertainment
  • SynergySP
  • Eshraghanimation Co
  • Flying Bark
  • Bee Train Animation
  • DQ Entertainment

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