School Dare is a teen animated series created by Michael, James and Edward for Warner Bros. Animation. Every season consists of 21 episodes on average, except season 9 which had 11 episodes. While all seasons started at February 4th every year, season 10 started on February 11th, 2018.


Six[note 1] students figure out the ways to solve the problems and things being wrong in the Halfaxe Secondary School (for season 1-3), Halfaxe College (season 4-8) and Halfaxe University (season 9-10).


School Dare

The original logo of School Dare, revealed as 2007 (Original by James Durman)

Between season 1 and season 8, the rights for the franchise has been held between NBCUniversal, FremantleMedia, Corus, DHX Media, Gaumont and broadcasters Rai & M6.

After season 8 finished production, Clearwater Partners II LLC and Corus Entertainment bought out franchise's shares formerly owned by Gaumont, NBCUniversal, FremantleMedia and DHX Media. Corus will still remain as a co-producer, while Clearwater will be one of the main producers since season 9. Warner Bros. Animation has been brought back as the new distributor.

Ashleigh Ball (voice of Melaine), Hutch Dano (voice of Z), Ryan Newman (voice of Nina), Michael Wildshill (voice of Charles) and Tara Strong (voice of Jade) have announced to leave after season 8, and have been replaced with Samantha Shertick, Dan Wicker, Joe Ferr, Jo Keaton and Valerie Michaels. Shortly after, Zeke (voiced by Fowly), Nina and Z were announced to feature for the last time in season 9.

In season 9 episode 10, Melanie's character (voiced by Samantha Shertick) was retired, with sending her into another country to pursue her career as a musician. The agency Charles and his crew worked for the entire series, S.C.H.O.O.L., was revealed to have folded up with numerous other agencies into W.H.O.M.P.E.R. (known to be featured in the Agents of WHOMPER franchise), hinting that the series takes place in the same universe as School Dare. Season 9 will be the last season to mainly feature mystery, dramedy, action/adventure, espionage, fantasy, slapstick and sitcom elements and similar elements.

Season 10Edit

The season 10 is titled "Aftermath", focusing on reflection and ending the series as a whole. It follows Charles and Jade, as they're going back to their normal lives, trying to move on. This has been said to be "the most emotional season" by numerous critics.

The series finale was called Swan Song, breaking the formula of every episode name starting with "Operation" with the rest of it stylized like acronyms.


  • School Dare is a spiritual successor to The Cowabunga! Brothers, a show that never got finished.
  • Michael stated that the joke at the end of episodes, "Made in Everywhere, Earth", was actually made as a reference to "Made in _____, USA" credit; as of the show's episodes made through Internet, it's "made everywhere in Earth". After season 8 premiered, it was replaced with "Made primarily in Los Angeles, USA". In Season 10, it was replaced with just a "The End" credit.
  • Season 10 episode 20 was long, partially due to it's closing credits, crediting every person who has worked on the series throughout it's ten seasons.
    • Season 10 episode 21 has a lot of flash-forwards near the ending. Melanie became a successful musician, while Charles and Jade married.
  • Michael was in talks to cancel School Dare in 2018.


In season 9, episode 7, Zeke, Nina and Z (played by Edward Walter Fowly, Joe Ferr and Dan Wicker respectively) were killed off due to an accident occurring in the episode. Durman explained in an interview that this was done for following reasons:

  • Wicker, Fowly and Ferr discussed about quitting the show and the writers wanted to give their characters a send off, being cruel, but appropriate.
  • The accident in particular was supposed to raise awareness about road safety.
  • Wildshill showed apathy and frustration towards developing these characters, which were getting tiresome. In fact, he made it clear in the last couple of interviews, before the episode aired.


  1. The amount was changed to three, following season 9 episode 7, then three episode later, to two.