House in the Pop is a 2010 American animated comedy film produced by 2BIG3k and Clearwater Animation for Miramax Films. It was directed by Steve Samono and Terry Ward, and produced by Henri Dosclz, Steve Samono and Robert W. Stainton. The film is set in the white human universe, and centers on a goop named Pop, who lived in Goop Land, a land of gumdrop-like creatures, goops. He decided to find a white human man named Rick McGollins who lived in a house called 111 Green Street. Pop haves fun in the house and stuff. Until then, a villain named Banie Bano plans to destroy Goop Land, and it's up to Pop, Rick and the other goops to stop him.

House in the Pop was released in theaters on July 23, 2010 and received generally positive reviews, and proved to be a box office success, earning more than $947 million on a budget of $328 million, and launching a new franchise, with a sequel titled House in the Pop 2, which was released on August 15, 2014.