Clearwater Animation Moscow (also trading as Ginne) is a Russian animation production company, founded by Grigoriy Sviridov. The company animated Greeny Phatom from 2017 onwards.


2015-2016 - BeginningEdit

The Company was founded by Grigoriy Sviridov in 3 countries in 2015. Name letters comes from his first and middle names. The company started to animate, as the beginning of company is without budget crisis. Their budget in 2016 was $70,000,000. The company is now on high budget.

2016-present - Recent ActivityEdit

In 2016, Grigoriy Sviridov invited Robert Stainton to the company. He said that working is only fun, and Grigoriy accepted it. Nowadays, the company animates lot of Greenytoons, especially Greeny Phatom.

In March 2018, Clearwater Partners II LLC acquired Ginne and merged Ginne's Los Angeles and Toronto offices, Picture Entertainment and Nuclear Group plc into Clearwater Animation Los Angeles.

Buying failsEdit

  • In 2016, it was announced that take over and purchase MYCUN Studios for half of their budget, but failed with the company founder on vacation back in August.



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